On my street lives a little dog. I know he must think there's a certain fierceness in his bark. As I ride my bike by his house he charges like a warrior intent on safeguarding his domain. His territory has been breached and he wants everyone to know it....especially those pesky two wheeled violator types. He never attempts to bite. He's satisfied in scampering alongside and letting his disdain be known by repeated penetrating yelps of discontent. But of late he's been acting differently……even somewhat friendly.  I think I know the very day that things began to change in our relationship. One day as I was approaching his house I was surprised at his absence. Then I understood as I seen him coming towards me from up the street. I suppose he had been off conquering new territory or at least scouting the terrain.  As he approached he barked just once as I rang the bell on my bicycle. He sidestepped as though the bell was an indication that I was expecting him to give way. I then, in a yielding tone, spoke a greeting to him. This was a new encounter for the both of us as I had become accustomed to expect his assault from the rear and new for him in that he always has to quicken his cadence to catch up with me in order to make public his scorn for my encroachment. But today was a new day. As I went past, he turned and began to run alongside all the while looking up at me as though we had been friends forever. He couldn't follow long but for those few seconds we set some new boundaries. We had met – face to face – and something was new. For a fleeting moment I thought about all of the wasted time he had spent as my rival. Today was much more enjoyable. Today was productive…..on my street.